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Bamboo glass can be harmful to your health

Bamboo glass can be harmful to your health

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It can be harmful to health, and even the environmentally friendly alternative to paper cups is bamboo, said Stiftung Warentes, a German product testing organization.

Bamboo glass can be harmful to your healthThe results of the tests, published in the August issue of Test magazine, are down. Multiple uses out of 12 tested bamboo glasses only one went through the test, in this case, the manufac- turer has demon strated that the product is biodegradable, does not pose a burden on the environment, or does not indicate what substances are contained in the glass. substances that are harmful to health are contained in it into the hot drink inside. And two failed the test completely; its designation was misleading or incomplete, and harmful substances were included in the drink.
The source of both problems is the same substance, the melamine. The body reminded that bamboo itself will not have a glass, the bamboo will be powdered or broken into fibers and then blended with melamine resin to make it moldable. 70 degrees Celsius does not heat up. Test Magazine was heated to three degrees Celsius with acetic acid at 70 degrees Celsius in each glass seven times to simulate the presence of a slightly acidic and hot beverage such as coffee. The third and seventh time we tested the melamine and formaldehyde content of all fluids.For seven, they found that the levels of melamine in the fluids were above the EU health limit of seventh. Formaldehyde levels were also high, but remained below half of the unique limits. Melamine is thought to cause bladder and kidney damage. Formaldehyde can also cause skin, lung and eye irritation, and can cause respiratory cancer when inhaled.
For the same reason, bamboo glasses should not be placed in the microwave oven. The packaging of most products does not warn the consumer at all.Most of the glasses indicate that bamboo is naturally degraded, does not pollute the environment and is recyclable. Test magazine pointed out that this is true for bamboo, too Bamboo glasses are made not only of bamboo but also of plasticand because of the plastic, the cup is not broken or broken down at all, so the only way to dispose of waste is by burning it. "Environmental Consumers are certainly not thinking about this when it comes to branding their products to be environmentally friendly or to protect the environment," the Test noted. the glasses should not have been placed on the market.