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Gastric inflammation, gastric ulcer, dysentery ulcer in the child

Gastric inflammation, gastric ulcer, dysentery ulcer in the child

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Nocturnal abdominal pain, pressure, pain, but especially gastrointestinal inflammation (gastritis) or gastric ulcer (ulcer) should be considered.

Gastric inflammation, gastric ulcer, dysentery ulcer in the child

Both are caused by Helicobacter pylori. These can be proven to be infectious and not stress-related illnesses.

The most common symptoms are:

Cramping, dry, depressed or tingling pain in the stomach during or after meals, but also before meals, at night or early in the morning (morbidity)
Nausea and vomiting
DETERIORATIONThe infection of the gastrointestinal tract by direct contact with the stomach, the lungs or the fetus, including water contaminated in developing countries, has occurred in the first year. About half of the population is infected with Helicobacter pylori in adulthood; but only a dozen or so percent of the symptoms are mentioned. These patients, including children and adolescents, should only be treated with combined antibiotic therapy following specialist examination, bacterial detection, and resistant ability. The reason: Housing conditions are less restricted and infections in children (such as otitis media) are increasingly treated with antibiotics that also prevent Helicobacter pseudorabies diarrhea, nausea and diarrhea.All gastric inflammation can spread to the duodenum, where it can cause inflammation or dermatitis.

It is difficult for small children to recognize gastritis and gastric ulcer

The symptoms of bacterial gastritis and gastric ulcer are the same. Only non-specific signs in the infant or young child indicate the disease. Unambiguous signs include diet rejection, vomiting, inadequate development, diarrhea after drinking, and stomach stomach as in three-month-old rabbits. In infants, the disease can often only be recognized by blood or blood. Fortunately, babies have an extremely rare incidence of gastritis. Educators often complain of indeterminate stomach ulcers that return several weeks to months, usually with illness. They are irrelevant and light, sometimes bloody. Children from their sixth to seventh years of age are able to tell exactly where they are. It is a burning, sardonic pain in their stomachs or on the vertebrae, is malignant, and often has a tongue on the tongue. Other features of dandruff are the smell of the mouth, the acidic tap and the satiety. Possible event: Significant outcome of the disease if the child has repeatedly bleeding and blueness of the stomach.If the child complains of a stomach overnight at night, morning or after eating, If the blood or blood of the pet is black (from the blood that is in it), the child should be taken to the hospital immediately.

That's how the doctor helped me

Your doctor will perform a blood test for your safety and a blood test to detect blood, and will also perform a urea breath test on Helicobacter bacteria. A definitive diagnosis may also require stomach ulceration (endoscopy). During this, the attending physician illuminates the inside of the stomach and takes a sample of mucous membranes of the stomach. Even in infants, gastric ulceration may be necessary.The purpose of the examinations is to detect and treat the root cause of gastric complaints. Based on the gastric mucosa sample taken, the physician will determine the need for antibiotics.

What can a parent do at home?

In acute gastritis, keep the child at home for at least eight days until the acute pain is resolved. Make sure you take the antibiotic you need for the duration of your treatment. It is also important to keep your child healed at an early stage and to avoid overload. There is no need for a special diet. However, it is important to ignore foods that the child used to be ill. Frequent small meals are more appropriate.For example: Dr. med. Helmut Keudel-Dr. med. Barbara Capelle Pediatrics c. kцnyve.
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