Snail SaladBuy Organic Produce!

Snail SaladBuy Organic Produce!

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In my life, I haven't hunted as many naked nuts as I did this summer, in fact, even some peppercorns have stumbled upon the peppers. In return, we received chemical-free, vitamin-rich, fresh and wonderful flavors.

Yes, organic farming and purchasing will become scarce now. Because the snail is a light animal, it does not eat anything, as opposed to us, who often pay for and buy food stuffed with aromas, colors, sugars, preservatives, boosters.
He hints that there is no money to pay $ 800 to $ 1,000 for a kilo of potatoes or apples, and any cornflakes that might be in it? You can also earn less if you manage to find a trigger similar to what you are now getting in your transitions. One year ago, we went into a bio-eco-consumer association with the intent of exhaustion, and we were stuck there. We have become an initiator who has fulfilled all the hopes he has given him, that is, to keep our families permanently full of seasonal, high-vitamin content, and guaranteed to be free of chemicals.
Common risk, common profit
The bottom line is that you are given a organic farmer who does not resell, does not go to market with his produce, but gives it to a certain buyer circle, which is the room with which the season begins. Then, according to the figure, sowing, palette. Х warrants that the products available at any given time are distributed among the members of the company, and that the members take their boxes every week at the usual meeting place, that is to say, a very recent one. You do not pay at the time of the transfer, but in advance, either for the full season price in one installment or for pre-determined details. This way, the host can plan ahead and support as needed. This means that you may want to ask for your favorite, or rarer, but also include some of your productive greenery. What is very different from the usual form of purchase is common risk. If the weather changes, say, unfavorably, you may get the same money for less, but if you do well, you will get much more. A relationship with a grower starts (and usually continues) by personally visiting the farm where he grows. You can convince yourself that drought can be solved, you can see the foliage, the land, and the conditions that produce it in between. If necessary, they could participate in the harvest, in various works. Your children can see how and where they eat what they eat and how they spend it.
Of course, you need to think carefully about your eating habits again. After all, in this economic model, you don't know exactly how much you will receive, and even how much you will receive. That is, the conditions are much closer to the reality of the supermarket full shelves, with almost constant supply in the morning and summer. There are those who ask why you are doing this. The answer is very simple: because of sustainability, because of its naturalness, and because you are in a direct, direct relationship with the producer with whom you have a certain degree of solidarity, you can trust that what you get will be good quality. Nowadays, when it is becoming increasingly clear that many of the diseases (herbicides, insecticides, crop enhancers, preservatives) released into our environment are responsible for a significant part of our illnesses, this is not to be neglected.
Overall favorable price
Because there is a direct relationship between the producer and the purchase, packing, distribution, shipping, and possibly advertising costs are not borne by the buyer. At the beginning of the season, of course, lean supply, in the middle of the summer, you may encounter stumps of cabbage, cabbage, and tomatoes, so you can cook them well, cook them over, or sour. Of course, this means that when the crop is abundant, you need to take the time and find the processing. That's why I learned how to make sauerkraut at home, and that's why I came up with my umpteenth recipe for zucchini. After all, if you think of the same meal alone, you will be spoiled by the family. It is certain that all this requires more energy, adaptability, creativity than simply putting in a shopping cart what you like, but you have no idea where you have been treated, what chemicals you have been treated to or what your taste is. I think he will!
More information
- If you are interested in this form of trade and business, you will be able to meet representatives of long-standing Foreign Initiatives like the French Institute on February 2nd, 2012, as well as a native biographer.
- And the same program in Szeged, in February: - Here are some specific examples of farming supported by this community: Szigetmonostor Szeged