Hard water can cause eczema in infancy

Hard water can cause eczema in infancy

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It is worth paying attention to the water. because of the water that can contribute to the development of infantile eczema.

Hard water can cause eczema in infancy

A recent research by King's College London examined that water hardness and concentration of chlorine irritates the skin and may cause eczema in infants. Eczema can be caused by loss of the barrier function of the skin and dry skin: in infants it is in most cases what leads to the development of eczema, but genetic predisposition contributes to the problem. In the United Kingdom, water chemistry (that is, dissolved calcium) is higher in the dune than at night, and the frequency of eczema follows the same pattern. (In Hungary, too, the water is "hard" in many places). Previously, British, Spanish, and Japanese studies have found that water chemistry can cause eczema in school children, but this is the first study to assess the impact on infants , 87 percent they are more likely to fight eczema At 3 months of age, independent of the water's climatic content. This rate is even greater for the little ones who had FLG gene mutation (which is responsible for impaired skin barrier function), although this difference was not statistically significant. The research also surprised me. the frequency of bathing and the use of soap or shampoo - but these may have varied several times during the research period. Nor do you know if these children have been to the swimming pool, where the chlorine content is significantly higher than at home.
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