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8 mistakes we make in the education of children of the ovis age

8 mistakes we make in the education of children of the ovis age

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Here are 8 typical bakers from parents who would be better off avoiding.

8 mistakes we make in the education of children of the ovis age

The age of 3-5 is one of the most frustrating and difficult times for parents, as children want to experience all aspects of their newly discovered freedom, and to offer our attention and love.

1. Don't take your daily routine seriously

"THE kiszбmнthatуsбg is key in the life of preschool children, "he says Tanya Remer Altmann, pediatrician. If we are not consistent with the agenda, little ones get confused and tend to think more. "If we sometimes allow them something, sometimes they don't, a child of 3-5 years won't understand." If, for example, one day you are allowed to play an urn after the ovi, but the next day you want your car to speak right away, the child will openly object. Just as we let the bed sleep with us once, and the other times we say we can't, is guaranteed.Megoldбs: So consistent in the most important things: eating, sleeping, and carrying. According to Altmann, if 90% of your daily routine is predictable and your child is well behaved, sometimes a swing will not be a problem.

2. We focus on the negative

It is easy for us to disrupt a child's negative behavior (eg when shouting or yelling) and to ignore positive poses. According to the pediatrician, parents tend to talk about how they do not want their child to behave. "That's why we often leave our mouths like that felszуlнtбsokthat Do not get it! Don't throw it! or Don't tell me who. "Megoldбs: Let's also consider if your child is doing something good and praise it. Let's find him and / or give him a kiss. "These feedbacks are very good for little kids," says Altmann. You could say, "It was really cool to be quiet all the way through" or "I'm proud to have been so nice to that little boy on the playground."

3. Do not disable warning signs

Some that precede hysterics. Often, we only try to humiliate and discipline when the child is already kneeling and his throat is ripped. However, this is just like giving a presentation about your behavior as a goldfish. "But before the hist, we still have the opportunity to divert the child's attentionand somehow prevent the trouble. However, once the hustle rages on, unfortunately we lost the match. The kid won't hear us. "Megoldбs: "Observe and try to find out what signs precede our child's beliefs. The most common are: hunger, fatigue, and boredom." Let's not start off with a big baby shower just before sleeping in Duluth, and we don't have any healthy snacks in our diet.

4. Encourage whining

You can chase every parent when your child whispers something. For example, just when we start cooking dinner, it makes us want to go to the playground. According to the pediatrician, many people like this - just to stop the little one from drinking - inject their waistand let me in. All that matters is that sooner or later you will find out which button you have to push on, and March will get what you want.Megoldбs: Don't give up! Smaller whining and sulking is best not to pay attention. If we are disorderly at it, the kid will think "hmm, well, that didn't work."

5. Too many programs for him

After Ovi dance, ballet, football, English and music learning - we tend to cram kids' weekdays with programs like these, and we marvel at the fact that after all, basically, you want to miss the little ones. According to Altmann, the problem is that the kids are very heavy at this time are spun. They need time to calm down.Megoldбs: Don't do too many programs. After kindergarten, when we get home, there should always be time to play and be quiet.

6. Underestimate the importance of games

We believe that your child will be smart and will develop properly if he / she is filled with programs that improve his / her day. "But what they learn most at this age is a free games" - says Lawrence J. Cohen, psychologist. This includes roles, running and jogging. "Children's brains develop best in free play," he says. "In the meantime, we are putting ourselves in the position of being challenged, which is neither too much nor too little."Megoldбs: Let the kids have fun every day. It is important that you really trust what they are playing and that you do not come up with better ideas.

7. We will never play with it

It may be good for our child to play alone on the carpet, but that does not mean that deserve our attention. "The little one your parents never play with is missing out on something," says Cohen. Instead of focusing on the child only, parents often try to get on their phones or try some of their leftover housework instead of focusing on the child. "Kids are not stupid, we would know exactly if we didn't pay full attention to them."Megoldбs: Set a timer and get yourself into the game! "All of us have exclusive attention that we put on our child more than being with him all day, but only paying close attention to him."

8. We take the lie seriously

When we first get a child to lie, it is both surprising and scary. "In the eyes of the parents, the worst scrapbook in the eyes of the eyes shines, so every time you look like that you get tense and upset," says Cohen.Megoldбs: Don't overreact. One or two turns are not the end of the world. This is also a natural part of child development. "Don't get caught in a tiny lie. For example, if our ovis kid says he didn't spill water on the ground, let's just say, 'I understand you feel bad about it.'Related articles in parenting:
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