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Five generationsWhen I was a little girl

Five generationsWhen I was a little girl

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We have a rare moment when so many generations could have been born together for the birth of the fifth generation, Little Sombor!

Mother Generation Four Generations: Gyцrgyi, Klara, Teri Nani Zsombi and Timi
Photo: Rbtka Йva

The grandmother
Aunt Teri remembers the events of the story as if it happened today.
"My brother died in tragedy at the time of my birth, my mother died a few weeks after my childhood. my stepmother didn't care for the baby, I always looked like my own children.

Ferencné Csamangou Friends of Terézia Mabria
(95 years old in 2007) with the little Klabra

Believe me, because it is true, I have eaten at my mother's desk three times in my life, only to have my own kitchen ready. He never gave a slice of bread even after birth. I went home from the clinic because I was born there because my son went to OTI (Social Security) and if I wanted to eat, I cooked. But I was born so I just finished with the bridesmaid I was sewing and then my baby's head went out. My sister came and we saved on foot. I could feel the water flowing all the time. I remember the doctor smelled the amniotic fluid, so I got an injection to get the baby out faster. In my life I was sick only on the occasion of two births, but then I had to lie down for a week before I could go to the toilet. I could do everything at home without fail. My bath in the evening was in the trough in which I was washing the diaper in the morning. I was carrying the water from the end of the street. I cooked and sewed during the day, and this was good for me even when my son was on the Russian front. True, the kids soon had to get used to playing alone. I swapped beautiful clothes from leftover materials. It was such a world, but I also remember motherhood, I don't envy today's ones. I understand Timikym is lighter. "
The dyadymmama
Clare is incapable of giving birth to Clara, she is a very modern grandma, even if she is a great grandmother.
"When I got married, we were living with our mother all the way through. Of course, not like her mother, but a true loving, caring family.
I had only one child, Gyцrgyi, and that was my good reason. I was still losing my pregnancy the way I had never heard from anyone. I could have waited three months for my half, nothing improved. I could not cross the body even so as not to gag. Then the baby was born - I thought - but the baby never wanted to give birth. She's still catching a baby. That was the scare of all mothers, because it was often at that time that the baby was getting sick. Luckily for us, this hasn't happened, but I don't want anyone to have that birth.

Rikash Labszlunny Csamangou Klabra (70 years old in 2007)

And the java was still good. Just after I went home from the clinic, my epithelium blew. While in one of the rooms I used to go for sticks, Gyırgyikim was drinking in the other. Mom was running between the two rooms, where she was sipping me, sometimes she was making tea, milk curd for her granddaughter, or floured milk with milk. Of course, the cloth was very thin, and the baby clothes were pounding on it. I'll never forget, once I see my baby's cap is stuffed with handkerchiefs. I'm asking Mom, why are you doing this. "The head of this kid is so tiny, don't let your acquaintances give birth," he said. Well, I got better, the six weeks of maternity leave ended, I went back to work, and I was in trade. Of course, Mom stayed home with the child. She was in the right place, and I often wondered what my little baby was doing. Then we got our own apartment, we were washing the laundry, but Mom was always there. Gyцrgyi never really ate in the school canteen, her grandmother always went home for a delicious lunch. "
The grandmother
Gyırgyi had taken her baby home with him, but she was not alone for a minute.
"Just to not have a simple life, when I became pregnant, my mother's bile had terminated her service again, and inflammation spread to her. I was in Moscow, so my mother-in-law moved with me not to be alone. The only thing about crying was that I cried first because I didn't know what it was going to, and second because I already knew.

Kovácsné Mélykъti Klára of Gyırgyi (in 2007 she was 48 years old)

I didn't move for weeks after Timike's birth. We could go home from the clinic, but I had to lie down. During the night, the new grandfather cleaned up Timik and brought her to breastfeed, day and night with my grandma.
I could be happy with my two kids, enjoy the motherhood, the proximity. I used to have an automatic washing machine, though I used a textile diaper. I could have bought something, but I gave them a better heart for what we cooked. I had a lot of work with them, we always had a agenda, and the evening tale was hot, dined and watched in the year. My husband also made a lot of sense when he was home because I worked as a beautician in two shifts. "
The mother
Three of Timi's babies are granny, jedi, all of them, but the ascendants know the biggest help is relieving the mother.
"It seems like we have some bad tradition that every mom needs Urian help after childbirth. moms, moms, and dad naturally assumed that while they weren't ready, they would cook for me, and as long as my husband wouldn't be back home.

Rózsa-Kovács Tнmea Gyцrgyi (25 years old in 2007)
Your child: Zsombor Botond Rуzsa (5 hrs)

I always thought I was strong, but I felt that now I had to accept help. Two weeks after giving birth, it turned out that my wound had been inflamed, and so began my weekly book. Every good morning, either my brother or my dad or my grandfather drove me to the clinic to have my doctor wash my wound, either my mom or my grandmother taking care of my baby at home.
I was reminded a few times that if I were my great-grandmother now, I might not be alive. I was afraid that we were writing for 2007, and I was silent and calm about "money".
Five months after I was born, I forgot the suffering, and only live for my little son. I can, because Mom and Grandma are there to help. It is inexplicable to be the smallest in such a large and united family. Even if I don't play that role anymore. "