Parents spend the most on these specialties

Parents spend the most on these specialties

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For families with children in kindergarten and early years, most families spend between $ 5 and $ 10,000 a month.

Parents spend the most on these specialties

According to a survey of Formatex operated by the Game Island store, the majority of family members of kindergarten and school children spend around 5-10,000 HUF per month. In preschool age, 80% of families break jobs for less than tens of thousands of dollars a month, but in low grade, more than 40% have to pocket, and every tenth family has 20,000 forints and 3.5% of parents also publish.Уvodбs their children most of us are enrolled in a coursewhich is followed by the movement developer, the dance and the linguists on the parental list. The answers 4.3%, however, believe that there is no need for any courses in high school, somewhat more interested in martial arts and less in dramatic occupations.

Can't start early?

More than 700 thirds of parents asked think that it is worthwhile to teach the little ones between the ages of 4 and 5, 27% at the age of 3-4, and about 20% by the beginning of the fall, . Eleven percent of parents believe that water habits should start with evening head baths, with half of the respondents suggesting that they love playing with water and playing ball, and 22% believe they love the baby.

Water games can take up to 2 percent of traffic

"Fall and love of water also start with water lessons, and parents start with water games. away Borhi Jбnos, owner of Formatex. And at the start of the holiday season, the popularity of travel gambling also rises, though more than two decades ago, this category currently accounts for only 0.5% of gaming traffic at home.

If there is an example for children, Katinka Long and the man's water polo

78% of those polled think it's worthwhile to fall because they have a healthy backbone and a healthy body, 48% think that the most important thing to do is to persevere, 25% think it's not important it is a burden on our stores and to focus on helping. When asked if there is an example of children among Hungarian water sportsmen, 16.6% said they did not, 43% look at Long Catink, and about 30% consider a male water polo person like C, laci, Kapбs Boglбrka, Kenderesi Tamбs йs Risztov Йva kцvetnek.A felmйrйsben rйsztvevхk kцzцtt aqueous vilбgbajnoksбg sportбgai kцzьl ъszбs of the favorite, then the vнzilabda йs szinkronъszбs, utбna the mыugrбs йs the уriбs toronyugrбs, vйgьl the nyнltvнzi ъszбs.
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