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More than 9 billion are spent on worship in Pest County

More than 9 billion are spent on worship in Pest County

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Fifty-three local governments in Pest have received more than HUF 9.2 billion in domestic development funding for the development and modernization of the municipal budget.

Rбkossy Balбzs the Pйnzьgyminisztйrium (PM) eurуpai uniуs forrбsok felhasznбlбsбйrt said felelхs бllamtitkбra, Pest county fejlesztйsйt szolgбlу program pбlyбzati bцlcsхdefejlesztйsi felhнvбsбra tцbb as kйtszeres was jelentkezйs, нgy tбrca raised in the original tбmogatбsi keretцsszeget tovбbbi HUF 4.7 milliбrd.More than HUF 9 billion is spent on feasts in Pest County The bцlcsхdei ellбtбst nyъjtу intйzmйnyek fejlesztйsйnek tбmogatбsбra mйg published in 2018 pбlyбzati kiнrбs cйlja the kevйs szolgбltatбst kнnбlу йs bцlcsхdei fйrхhelyhiбnnyal kьzdх Pest county telepьlйseken the цnkormбnyzati tulajdonъ bцlcsхdйk, minibцlcsхdйk йs tцbbcйlъ уvoda-bцlcsхdekйnt mыkцdх intйzmйnyek was bцlcsхdei, minibцlcsхdei fйrхhelybхvнtйse, felъjнtбsa. In the framework of the construction, up to HUF 100 billion could be raised for the renovation of the building, and up to HUF 400 billion for the renovation of your new hunger, the Secretary of State explained his appeal. The beйrkezett professionally jуl elхkйszнtett telepьlйsi pбlyбzatok mindegyikйnek tбmogatбsбйrt tбrca of the original HUF 4.5 milliбrd tбmogatбsi keretцsszeget tovбbbi HUF 4.7 milliбrd megemelte.Rбkossy Balбzs said the increased keretbхl 53 Pest county telepьlйsen nyнlik lehetхsйg the bцlcsхdei ellбtбs fejlesztйsйre 1260 New Account, a modern Bohemian pub has been increased by about 27 percent to the number available in Pest County so far. In addition tцbb than 400, you have already meglйvх korszerыsнtenek bцlcsхdei fйrхhelyet the йpьlet felъjнtбsбval the szьksйges eszkцzцk beszerzйsйvel.Az бllamtitkбr stressed that kormбny 2022 full kцrы bцlcsхdei ellбtбst szeretnй megvalуsнtani, ezйrt domestic йs uniуs fejlesztйsi forrбsbуl almost HUF 200 milliбrd tбmogatjбk the bцlcsхde - йs уvodafejlesztйst is defined in the csalбdvйdelmi akciуtervben cйlokhoz cйlzott fejlesztйsйt igazodva.A Pest keretйben szolgбlу program does mъlt hйten bцlcsхdefejlesztйsre at a ъjabb pбlyбzati kiнrбs which the tбmogatбsi kйrelmeket August 27, 2019 at 8 йn уrбtуl nyъjthatjбk the pбlyбzуk www.
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