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Breakthrough discovery: New treatment for breasts

Breakthrough discovery: New treatment for breasts

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A new treatment for breast cancer has been developed that has eliminated the tumor in 11 percent of patients in just 11 days.

Breakthrough discovery: New treatment for breasts

Specialists have switched two existing anti-cancer drugs and the number of cancerous cells has dropped from 87 percent in women to 11 in the test period. With the help of the new method, thousands of women can avoid the hardships of chemotherapy. The British medical team reported on its impressive results at the European Breast Conference in Amsterdam. It has been discovered that they have never encountered a method whereby the human body reacted so quickly and drastically to treatment.
Women who have been newly diagnosed with an aggressive breed of breasts have undergone 23 treatment sessions at different British hospitals. The overwhelming majority of the responders - 87 percent - responded to the treatment and tests proved that the growth of the cancer cells was stopped.
However, for some women, the effect was more dramatic: at 11 percent, the tumor was completely gone, and to the surprise of the wounds, 17 percent had a significant reduction in size. All of this surprised colleagues at the University of Manchester and the London Institute of Cancer Research, because they initially expected the drug to reduce the size of the tumor before surgery to make the operation easier. However, when the wounds were ready to remove the tumor, which had been 3 centimeters wide a couple of days earlier, in many cases, it was observed that it had completely disappeared.
"Previously, we had never encountered cases where the tumor had completely disappeared. They are simply astounding," says Cancer Professor Nigel Bundred, who led the research.
However, the expert also pointed out that it is dangerous for men to be treated with the same methods as women, and therefore the fight against cancer cannot be achieved simply by refining the above method.

The risk of the breast can be reduced

The risk of developing a disease is reduced if She gives birth to her first child before the age of 30 if she is breastfeeding, if you eat healthy, don't drink alcohol, don't smoke, and keep exercising.
The more likely you are to become ill, the more you have a disease, the more likely you are to have a family history of the disease. Predisposing factors include menstrual periods before 12 years of age, women taking hormonal contraception, an unborn baby, and mammography with confirmed lumps in the breast. According to some statistics, stock-bearing obesity can also be linked to breast tendency.
Most cases of breast cancer are diagnosed after the age of 50, but the incidence is higher by the age of 30.
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