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Frequent and effective breastfeeding, family support. This is the cornerstone of a proper milk production. But if you feel that a little help is good, you can turn to homeopathy because it is completely safe to use during breastfeeding.

To have lots of milk, breastfeed always,
if the baby kicks. Even on the go!

If you don't seem to have enough milk, talk to a breastfeeding expert who will help you find the best solution. You can write a request in the blog, search personally for advice, read from a specialist pen.In addition to following a professional guide, homeopathy can also help.


It is very important that you always choose a low potency (5) of the drugs because the high potency of the same drugs is specifically milk paste. It's worth taking once or twice a day, but not just for a couple of days. If you feel like you are helping, you can take it for weeks. It's also good if you take it only when you feel like you have suddenly lost your milk.The most important common ingredient is aprуcsalбn (Urtica urens), this is definitely worth keeping at home. If you have no other physical and psychological problems besides decreasing the amount of milk, then first apply this product.The other most commonly used homeopathic remedies barбtborsbуl (Agnus cactus), and especially effective when you have a lot of digestion for the situation, and you are slowly afraid that this sadness has caused breast milk to plague.If that you want to walk with your baby permanently is your love for Pulsatilla! phosphoric acid (Acidum phosphoricum) If you are struggling with stiffness at times and your breast is often strained, you may not have enough milk castor (Ricinus communis) can help relieve.Homeopathic remedies they can not only be made of plants and plants, sometimes we put the essence of strange things into balls. THE breastfeeding dog milk Les caninum is also an adjunct to milk production, and is recommended especially when the mother has a breast, often palatable and irritable.