Nor is it good for the baby to sleep too much

Nor is it good for the baby to sleep too much

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It is common for parents to fall prey to their backs in the first few days: how good is this baby, barely sleeping, always sleeping! Sure, there are calm babies, but most of the time they have problems with excessive underwear, they indicate trouble.

The baby is the baby's afterbirth active in the first urbian, watchful, watching the environment, suckling enthusiastically, eyes her parents, sucks her finger, and surprises her with all sorts of other arts. But after that period, he dies deeply, and only occasionally indicates that he would breastfeed, with very subtle signs.
Parents may not realize that the baby is "born", as many believe that sickness is a sign of sickness. But it also happens that the baby really does not signal, only sleeps like a coat.

Too much sleep may not be good in the first days

Both situations can lead to the baby not being breastfed or breastfed. But, after all, everyone is pushing for breastfeeding, if you want to breastfeed. - you could say. Let's discuss this request again! For the first one to two weeks, three babies born in the cathedral are happy to be awakened.

What's wrong with not breastfeeding?

I just heard from a mom, she was told in the nursery that she didn't have to breastfeed, only milk came on the third day. This is not true, of course, and the baby is immediately available after birth and not only nourishes it but also protects it from a number of illnesses, in the course of the course.
The first breast milk covers the intestinal wall, thus protecting the body from possible allergies. It retains water, thus reducing the likelihood of drying out even in high heat. Hypersensitivity helps to eliminate fetal prick, which is why properly nursing babies are less likely to get pregnant. Because too much bilirubin is the cause of yellowing. It's important that breast milk keeps your blood sugar level within the healthy range, so the brain and other important organs get enough energy.
Of course, the first few days are not insignificant from a practical point of view. The baby is still breastfeeding with proper techniques, and breastfeeding itself ensures that you are close to your mother. Babies who do not breastfeed, usually get a baby bottle, this will worsen the breastfeeding technique and change the baby's breast flare and may cause stomach upset. If you get too much nourishment, it expands your stomach and ends up with more milk than you have available. It's not easy to be born ...

Why underwear?

  • Pain relievers during childbirth can affect the baby medically, and it has been revealed in recent decades that epidural anesthesia is also present.
  • If a baby turns brown, it will become light.
  • It is poor, if you have not eaten a meal and your blood sugar level falls.
  • Warm up with warm room air, warm clothes or a thick blanket.
  • If you get nutritional supplements or lots of sugary water, it will fill you up and sleep for a long time.
  • The dummy will make her happy.
  • A lot of noise and a lot of drafts (examinations, vaccinations, visits, etc.) are brought back to bed, so you go to sleep.

How to wake it up?

  • Put it in your mouth, put it on your chest, feel your skin, feel safe.
  • Talk to me.
  • Keep it up, swing right, left gently.
  • Lay it on your belly, nicely, but do not tickle your back, waist, soles.
  • Don't bother.
  • Unwrap it and lay it on your chest in a wide pelus.
  • If you have not eaten rage, express some milk and give it a small cup.

And if you wake up, put it on your breast. So it says, it's worth waking up!
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