Why eat family soup?

Why eat family soup?

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In our childhood, the Sunday dining table was unimaginable without broth. We have grown up since then, and our eating habits have changed. And let's miss the brunch for the brunch!

Why eat family soup?

Eating soup in the fall and really good when it's cooler outside and a dozen hot soups well you overheat a man. Here are tips on what soups to come up with if you want to impress all members of your family.

Why do you need soup?

The advantage of consuming soup is that it covers part of your daily liquid supply. And the nutrients dissolved from the raw materials needed for the soup are easily absorbed. The well-chosen and prepared soup is excited by its color, fragrance, echo of its teas, its aroma and smudge. Egyьttesen beindнtjбk and fokozzбk gastric kйpzхdйsйt, йs this elхkйszнtik it йs the tovбbbi йtelek befogadбsбra kцnnyebb emйsztйsьkre.A soup йrtйkes szervezetьnk szбmбra, fхleg if it contains minйl tцbb zцldsйget, gyьmцlcsцt, нgy will be higher in fiber, vitamins йs бsvбnyianyag content . Of course, if the family hasn't had a big "soup" before, then you need a little preparation.

For kids - Everything soup!

Kids around the table around the school. Nanny Nancy picks up the first spoon soup, and by the time it sounds, dude, I don't eat that! It's a familiar scene, isn't it? To avoid a similar situation at home, prepare a soup with your child on the family table. Let us choose freely what to eat. Ask them to list your favorite vegetables you would like to include in the soup. Prepare the greens, wash them thoroughly, and start cooking! If you have a big cat, you can help with the pozzolus and the greens. With this method, you can not only get used to soup, but you will be unnoticed in the kitchen.

Daddy - Rich, rich soup!

I remember my grandfather, who always made a big chunk of bread beside the broth. For many men, the soup is only empty, although a rich, rich soup even stays in place. If you do not want to make two soups, you can turbocharge your child's all-in-one soup so that it is delicious and especially lactating for Dad! The soup can contain chips, bulgur, or even brown rice. Of course, we can also enrich the content of the soup with meat, and chicken or turkey meat can add another delicious factor to our food.

For ourselves - Delicious and slimming soup!

Do you remember the most popular diet of the nineties, the cabbage soup diet? Almost everyone in the family had ever tried the purple-flowered slimming. Fortunately, physicians and dietitians quickly raised their voice against similar, one-sided diets that quickly lost weight, but also emphasized the importance of home-cooked, low-fat, variably edible, "Soup" is one of the most excellent diet regimen. If you don't have to cook for the family during the week, you can crush the pot yourself.Soup soup has a number of benefits:
  • You can eat a lot of it, even though it contains little calories, great liquid And it warmed up on cold autumn days. The soup will soon fill your stomach and you will not be hungry.
  • You can cook a large portion of it, and you can freeze half of it. Feel free to bring it to your workplace as you can warm up your whole baby's spade pack.
  • Make soups that aren't no hurt, no oil!
  • When making your fantasy, don't set a limit! The soup may include seasonal or frozen vegetables, lean meat or fish, eggs, or fruit. You can put natural yoghurt in it, even yogurt, but definitely avoid soup powdersand cooked soups. They often contain unhealthy trans fats, preservatives and artificial boosters.
  • If you want to lose weight, avoid soups made with milk and red cubes of flesh cubes! And last but not least, an important tip: never use soup!
  • Here's a super cool recipe:
  • Dessert inspired by cauliflower soup
  • Green bean soup with basil and parmesan cheese
  • Ice crumb soup