The third child of Princess Catherine was born

The third child of Princess Catherine was born

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George (George) and Sarolta (Charlotte) are just as little as their mother. Princess Catherine went to church on Monday and said she gave birth to a little boy.

Photo: CNNA tiny - whose name we don't know at the moment - was set at 12.01 with a weight of 3.82 kg, according to a news release from Kensington Palace. Max Foster, CNN's presenter, knows the baby's sex was a surprise for the duchess - I didn't want to know she was going to have a third baby boy or girl. Prince William was also with his couple at St. Mary's Hospital. By the way, there were three photographers beside the princess Catherine in the bedroom: one of the sisters and her children, the other of the siblings and the third, II. Erzsйbetrхl. For the most fanatic fans, it has been waiting on the streets for days to get the baby. On the big day, a bunch of newcomers, cameramen and police watched the announcement. According to the betting offices these are the coolest first names: Arthur, Albert, James, Frederick (Arthur, Albert, James, Frederick).