Tetы, I'll beat you!

Tetы, I'll beat you!

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If your child starts scratching his head, it is wise to immediately search for the head in search of lice. I did that, too, but I have no idea what to see first.

Photo: Eltern

Anyone who searches the Internet for rooftop photos will be very lost. The huge images magnified with an electron microscope tell us nothing about what this insect looks like. Because in fact, the lice are like a little muslin, they have no wings. He doesn't like light or the public at all, he'll hide his back. If your child's hair is drizzling, then it will be very effective, and so long as it will not be so much that it is impossible not to notice. Then the kid had been scratching his head for days, and I was getting nervous. My seventh letter said it was going to be cool - but my son assured me it was cold, too cold. Poor kid sweats in a cap, drinks in a clearing pool. I lacked experience in believing what he said, because I just saw it was slightly dandruffy and red on the scalp. Of course there could be eczema, I was hoping. The evening meal confused me.

The lids easily spread from one child's hair to the other

I call the pediatrician in my complete obsession, see the child sometime. When I mentioned the lice, the mood suddenly got cold. His nurse refuses to give a date in a shocked voice. The decontamination parent job, don't bring the kid in! Hell, I'm just having a problem with having a baby in the head or not, I can't see it, I don't know how it looks! Help someone because the kid is scratching! By the time he advises me to ask the trustee and then he will help me decide. I wonder how much success I would have on the cross when I asked the pharmacy lady to look at the baby's head without worrying about the burned line. I reject the idea. But I decide to lubricate the head with a tuft. Come on to school, cut my hair. It was as if some tiny beetle had fallen under the hair. Jaaaaaaaaajjjj! Tetыыыыы! Segнtsйййййg! I scream at the friar. Of course, by the time you get here, the blaze is over. My boyfriend also falls into her hair. He didn't see anything. You just pretend, darling - he says. - You've done this stuff and you're ready to see it. And I swear to my daughter that I'm not sure what I saw, and yes, I may have survived. So I manage to prevent this panic attack and go to school. However, on my own, I'm going to be harder to control. I'm discovering a whole new world of drugs - anxiously I find a lot of toppings. It's not going to be a small fight, I see, so I'll get all the weapons. I'm thinking a little about the electric tuft brush, but I'd rather stay with the traditional spiral tuft brushes. Based on my preliminary research, I already know that there are antimicrobial lice, and the final solution is only manual lice. And when you come home, I immediately rub the product on the head. Oops, on wet hair I find my old acquaintance, the morning beetle. Fucky daddy, I mumble and spill the glass. Then the smaller girl gets a similar handler. How good their father's rare hair was! I never would have thought I'd ever love what I have for my hair, and not as well as I want it. too. Megelхzйskйpp? he laughs. - There's a nice big one over your face. - To my surprise, I do not whine. I feel like life has been trampled on. While the drug works, washed and uninfected.Then the tufts can come. Of course, the splinters do not want to give themselves lightly. Kуcolуd, come on, I do. The girls are true to the body, but they actually enjoy the situation a little. They see a fairy tale all day long. On a normal weekday dune this would be unthinkable. Because it takes time to warm up. Let's start at Duluth sometimes and finish by eight in the evening. Alright, here's the deception, I'm not giving birth anymore, I announce to my husband, who smiles a little more empathically. Nah, he's not lice. But I feel more and more tired. And where is the end? After two days, any remaining chickens hatch and start all over again. Fetal disinfection, cleansing, bedding disinfection. My timing improves with full hours, and after losing time I still have time to check the lessons and even dinner is ready. My brother settles down with us and eats jealously, even though I am a bugger. No one is disgusted. The lice have lost their sensory qualities. I feel like a character in Unlimited - the same thing every day. Lice, lice, flesh, washing, ironing. We don't receive the school mail in weeks - because of the littermate, all parents are asked to wipe it off on the weekends. Even if you have a dad in your kid's head, you don't. Afterwards, the lice are thought of as a blow. But my awareness is still low, and you still see lice everywhere. Rory Gilmore do you scratch your head in the heart of the heart? Yeah, that's kind of lame, I guess. Will the girls meet each other in America's Next Supermodel? Well, now the little bullies are going from one to the other. I do anything but my head is itching all the time. Let's say this side effect is slowly diminishing.