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The growth of the little one

The growth of the little one

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If the parent is attentive to the child and provides the right help at the right time, the baby develops in his or her own rhythm. Don't wait anxiously for infancy: Don't permanently lose the next gemstone, let's have a good time!

The growth of the little one

Parents who know well the factors of growth can make the most of the first few months of their children.
The infant is short and full of tiny results that follow each other quickly. A two-year-old child was more like an adult lover than a new-born child.

The role of the brain

The brain develops in a predetermined way. Breathing, Breastfeeding, Digestion, Circulation, and Other Basic Lifetime Functions they are fully functional before birth. The control of voluntary movement develops during the first years, the part that regulates the intellectual development (speech, memory, perception, thinking) during childhood. The baby does not move or think like an adult, the two-year-old is more.While a child goes to school, his or her movement and thinking are only slightly different from that of an adult; The crafts they develop from the top down and outwards. The mouth and tongue are wet when the neck muscles are still unable to hold or move the head. The upper part of the back can hold the little one lower than the lower one, dominate the arms like the feet, and only the arms and the feet, after the hands and feet. In practice, this means that the child is able to hit an object with his arm rather than grasp it with his hand and to grasp it rather than touch it with his fingers.

Breathing and movement

Adults have two different breathing systems. The first responds automatically to the body's chemical needs, the second is voluntary and stronger than the first. We turn this involuntary control on when we talk, sing, run, fall, or perform some complex activity, with the help of which we can talk for a long time without being exhausted. The two systems are not uniform in leveling. In the automatic breathing process, one breathes in slowly and deflates slowly. It is aspirated and deflated very slowly. Babies start using the second grooming method at 12 weeks of age alongside the automatic. At this point, learn how to breathe slowly while kicking, jiggling, or barking. The drought of 4-5 months old pups has already been continuously monitored for flare. Later this voluntary technique will accomplish more complex movements and speech.

How does a child grow from a loved one?

For the baby we have definite development plans, which is about making sure adults have the tools and stimuli to test their abilities. If you don't get what you need, they won't develop as quickly and as well as they should. In extreme cases, they can even be stopped in growth. The baby who gets what he needs, and the parents who pay attention to the needs of the child, will almost certainly give him everything he needs. Fortunately, you do not need to know much about children's development to be able to communicate with the baby and react appropriately: if the little one smiles and looks good, everything is fine.

That's good, baby

It's good to be born is always a compromisebecause the needs of all members of the family have to be dealt with. In life, we all need to learn that we are sometimes overwhelmed. No one should be centered in the center. Think about it, if you want to drink your coffee before you pick it up, and feel free to do it. Of course, it is not right to always have the baby in the first place, but the parent should not be a slave to their children.
One of the secrets to successful adulthood is that you are human be able to motivate yourself, and even when it is not in the center of attention, children need to spend time you can explore the world yourself. They learn as much from their parents as they do from results. Everyone (and this applies to the baby as well) needs peace of mind to process what they have learned. There is also time for failure.

How can we help?

Each baby is kicking, but if your parents choose to tickle your stomach, they will kick harder and longer. Each little one hands out the curious object. If you put the games around in such a way that they are easy to hit, you will be rewarded. If one thing happens several times, the kid will quickly realize "this is what I did".
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