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12 surprising facts about pregnant sex

12 surprising facts about pregnant sex

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If the doctor forbids the couple from sex just for the sake of being pregnant, it's time to look for another baby!

Read our 12 surprising facts about pregnancy sex

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1. Free sex!

Yes, during a healthy pregnancy sex-free sex is risk-free.
Even in case of an endangered pregnancy, it is worthwhile to ask for details from time to time. "How Long is Sex Prohibition Valid?" You may have been advised by your doctor to be sexually alert, but a few weeks later you will see a green mark. One more important question: does "no sex" refer only to communication, or does it cover all sexual activities? Or is orgasm only forbidden? It is almost certainly not necessary to reverse the nights of nine months, even in the event of a pregnancy. All intents and purposes are necessary for intimate physical contact, if not in the usual way. Of course, this requires a bold, light-hearted approach to the subject.When are restrictions justified?
- in the case of a series of premature pregnancies prior to the current pregnancy or
- in the case of bleeding, fluid, stomach cramps
- if the amniotic fluid is leaking
- if the cavity is open
- if the placenta adheres to or near the ovary

2. Bed covers

Some have a loses her pregnancy forever sexuality inquiries. Bad memory, fatigue, memory of previous miscarriages, or other mental burdens can also be present. Neither simple rejection nor "let's get it over it" quick steps will help maintain a balanced relationship between parents. If this hasn't happened before, now is the time to talk about sex and find a good solution together!

3. I can't think of another!

Let's face it, a rummy baby gets more into the mind of virginity than a rampage. Even if your hormonal status or your physiological status is examined, it can be very meaningful. many the woman came to fruition They are blessed with pride, happiness, appetite, which also greatly affects our sexual behavior. Little baby on it, just nothing gracious, to pamper their couple and themselves. It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to show sexuality in her lips - she has never experienced such a thing before and after childbirth. Do not be scared of increased sexual desire and appetite; Your couple will certainly not be upset if you report on them at dawn, of course, only in "salon-like" format as your relationship allows. You can also send a pregnancy weekly newsletter - so you never miss an update on the current week.

4. Multiple orgasm? Incredible!

But it is true! The complete rearrangement of hormone levels, and the rise in estrogen levels during pregnancy, can still affect women multiple orgasmswho have never before. Many people report that they have lived through their most intense love situation. In addition, the blood supply to the external and internal genitalia is increased, and by the fourth month the eyelids will be swollen and more sensitive. Mostly, this will result in increased wetting, but it may be just the opposite. If necessary, look for a skincare cream for sex.

5. What's wrong with you this week?

For an intimate couple, it is best to think in advance that your sex life will be incredibly diverse - not always in a good way. The majority of people report a fluctuating sexual transition. In the first trimester, the life of a pregnant mother is complicated by fatigue, full breasts, frequent urination and nausea. In this state, you want to cuddle with your cousin rather than your cousin.In the second third mostly sexual drive, your body will improve and your body will not become heavy. As the pregnancy progresses, inconvenience is added, growing tummies are over, and thoughts revolve around childbirth.
Not only sexual desire, but also the sensibility of the mother's body is constantly changing. What was frightfully sexy yesterday can be painful today. It is no wonder that the father treats each other like a tactile lover on the first date, since every time he holds an "unknown" woman in her arms.

6. My Breast! I don't know about it!

One of the most alternating body parts is the female breast. Pregnancy seems to be fuller at the beginning, if it was full by then, the mother may feel difficult now. If the sexual desire explodes, this sensation is further increased, which may be why the couple will have to resign from the missionary position at the very beginning of pregnancy. The nipple sensitivity also increases.Maybe the serious excitement so far has put the woman on the flesh, now nothing fine on the fine hips, or the girth, but it may also be unpleasant to the touch. Fortunately, this distillation on the second third of the pipe. In the last few weeks, too much milk may leak from the breast as a result of sex. It is best to consider this as a simple preconception of what comes after childbirth.

7. The Flying Fathers

They find it even more desirable for a pregnant mother to radiate happiness from inner bees. Her glamorous gaze, shiny, firm hair, and smooth face all add to her dad's love and apprehension. Many people are more attentive, caring, and even tighter in their spiritual affection for their couple. Growing stomachs are attracted to their eyes, which further increases their passion and attachment.
It is a great relief that, free from the idea of ​​conception, acquisition is the only goal.

8. The aggressive men

They live in the very opposite of the above. The prospective grandfather does not survive the physical changes that his mother has. The growing anxiety of a responsible father, of existential questions, of the tasks of the father before him, is greater than that of sex. Some people are afraid of the baby and the couple, otherwise, the growing tummy and breast disturb the male without feeling the need to change his exterior. Whatever the reason, the mother is happy. The sincere talkadvice from a psychologist, a doctor, and sex can bring a pleasant, enjoyable partnership to the couple's life. Don't give up, baby!

9. The baby and his brain

It is not uncommon for a man to fear that causes pain to the fetus, or maybe the little one gets brainwashed by intense love. It's a nice idea to give this pen a lot of power, but if you look at your baby's situation, you can see that it is almost impossible to do normal sex for the baby. The remainder is protected by amniotic fluid, a strong muscular sheath on the vagina and a cork stopper. At the same time, any coarse matter which causes pain, possibly leading to the sheathing of the vagina or moth, should be avoided.

10. Mom and dad have sex

This is one of the most common myths that the fetus is aware of and even senses what is happening out there… The baby has no idea at all. Your nervous system isn't advanced enough to think, "Mom and dad have sex, aren't you disgusted?" Or better, "Mom and dad have sex, aren't they wonderful?". Naturally, the biochemical changes in the mother's body affect the fetus during sex, it senses the onset of muscle contractions, but does not draw any conclusions from all of them. Our life after sex doesn't want to be kicked by kicking, it just answers the mother's heart rate.

11. Poznicki

The postures that have worked so far are not necessarily among the most popular. With the help of new techniques, posturing you can have a more harmonious and enjoyable sex life.
By the fourth month, lying on the back can be awkward. Due to the weight of the growing womb, it is therefore advisable to choose a posture in which the penetration level and rhythm can be controlled by the pregnant mother. It is best suited if the woman is over. No pressure on the abdomen at the lateral position when the woman is lying back, lying sideways. The knee and knee posture is beneficial to many, as there is no abdominal pressure here, the tummy is protected. Opportunities are endless, experimenting couples may find situations that will be one of their favorites too.

12. Natural birth control

Until the cervix is ​​ripe - that is, until the time of birth - the mother's body does not respond to the "birth syndrome" of sexual intercourse. But when the time comes, a little love can help. The sperm contains a substance called prostaglandin, which is also used for artificial birth control. The act of making love and of the weasel comes with the release of oxytocin. Much better detection than getting an infusion. It's not uncommon to in the days immediately before birth the mother really wants sex. Nature thinks of everything.You may also be interested in these articles:
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