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First Christmas with the baby

First Christmas with the baby

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If this is your first Christmas family Christmas, then accept our advice and you will be guaranteed a beautiful holiday!

1. Avoid last-minute effects

If you are a couple running around the forgotten Christmas day and carving a tree in the sole of a dude, you shouldn't a little better prepared. The stress of the pre-holiday stress will be preserved and stressful for the baby. Instead, you have a good list of suggestions and suggestions so that the holidays are not about the rush, but the intimate moments.

2. Less travel, less stress

Plan ahead for it during the holidays which day you are dealing with. If you have traveled with everyone so far, it is possible to exchange this time, it is much more comfortable if you do not have to drive your car to the relatives, and to worry about your baby, . For the little one, it is much better to be in a familiar environment and go hand-in-hand with relatives.

3. Just Nothing!

Important advice for newborn moms: don't want to get full in the kitchen right now! This holiday is not about to cook a complete Christmas menu from Jamie Oliver's cookbook. It is better to stick to the usual, well-established recipes, and not want to experiment with new tastes and complicated lines. The point is that you can spend more time together, possibly stress-free.

4. Less is more…

If we're on the cusp of eating ... If our child is big enough to eat papa, let's not cook the whole menu right now. Babies have plenty of the usual roast apple and apple do not have to taste the quince duck tomato or the overcooked chocolate mousse. The same applies to nursing mothers. You better try to keep your mothers because everything you do will "crash" on your baby. So if you don't want a stinging belly Christmas, you should pay attention!

5. Creating Traditions

This is your first family Christmas, here's an opportunity to create your own traditions. Discuss what is most important to you, what the holiday wrapper should be. Now is the time to plan, so do not get caught up in the last minute to have a candlelight before or after dinner.

6. Apply Marks

Don't go out of your way to give this small gift. You can give your baby a big gift by giving you play with it, and min spend more time together. You can give a couple of months' worth of doodles, or a musical game, but spending too much money on it will cause the relative to take the duck out with lots (and many times) of unnecessary gifts.

7. No pressure, loose

Because this is the first, your celebration, don't let any family pressure, celebrate in a threesome as it well falls. If you stay in your pee all day and wait for Jesus like this, so when dressed nicely, walking into the temple, pushing the stroller, so be it. The essence is that the holiday blessings come from your family, just the way you want them to be.